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Category Experts
SIG’s leading edge can be gauged by its ability to effectively execute a robust portfolio of products and services. We are significantly strong in handling merchandise produced in various mediums such as: stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, iron, textiles, plastics, natural rubber, coir and many more.
Product Line
With each passing year we keep developing a wide range of products. This also adds significantly to our list of new vendors and diversified range of products. Please appreciate our limitation in showing pictures of all the items mentioned below as most of these products are either generic by nature - already known among the buyers or buyer protected designs. Upon request by the intended buyers, we can mail the pictures of specific range of interest:
Bar Accessories :
Bar Spoons, Bar Strainers, Bar Textiles , Bar Trays, Bar Mats, Bottle & Can Openers , Bucket stands , Bottle Cap Catcher ,Coasters , Cocktail / Bar Shakers , Glass Hanging Racks , Lime Squeezer, Peg Measures/ Jiggers , Speed Rails , Straw Spoon , Tongs , Wine & Champagne Buckets, Wine Pourer, Other Bar Accessories.
Food preparation service :
Bain Maries, Basting Spoons, Chip Bagger, Colanders , Condiment Racks , Cutlery Cylinder , Cutlery Cylinder Holders , Dredgers , Egg Rings , Graduated Measures, Inset Pans , Ladles , Measuring Cup/ Spoons , Meat Tenderizers, Mixing Bowls, Mixing Paddles , Pasta Strainer , Portion Controller/ Spoodles, Salt n Pepper Shakers , Sandwich Guard , Scoops , Skewers (Oval and round) , Storage Bowls (with plastic lids) , Ticket Rail , Tomato Corer/ Wiz , Water Mug , Water Pails
Serving Ware :
Au Gratin dishes (oval & round) , Ice Cream Cups , Kadai Dishes , Pie Server , Plate Covers , Sauce/ Gravy Boats , Sauce Cups , Sea Food Cocktail , Sea Food Set , Sizzler Platter (Aluminum) , Snail Plate/ Fork n Tong , Soup Cup , Soup Tureen , Sundae/ Sherbet Dishes , Tongs , Trays,
Table Ware :
Ash Trays , Butter Dish , Cake Stands , Butter Warmer , Candle Holder , Compote Dishes , Egg Cups , Lobster Pick , Menu/ Card Holders , Napkin Rings/Holders , Sugar Bowl / Plate , Table Heater , Table Numbers , Toothpick Holder ,
Beverage & Buffet Service :
Adapter Bars , Beverage Servers , Cake Display Stands , Chaffing Dishes , Coffee Decanters , Creamers , Fuel Holders , Malt Cups , Oval Platters, Straw Holder , Tea Pots , Water Pitchers,
Pizza & Baking Accessories :
Aluminum Measures , Baking Pans , Muffin Pans , Pan Gripper , Pie Pans/ Plates , Pizza Cutter , Pizza Peels , Pizza Screens , Pizza Trays , Sheet Pans
Textiles :
Aprons, Bar Mops, Gloves, Mittens, Towels, chef’s jackets, shirts, trousers and many more.
Flooring :
Door Mats, Kitchen Mat, Rubber Restaurant Mat, Entrance Mats in coir and rubber
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