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Our Team
SIG is highly qualified to offer a diversified range of products, merchandise and services. Our team comprises of professionally qualified and experienced personnel who share their expertise to source, develop and buy quality products and services from India and Europe.
Mr. Herbbie Sidhu
Herbbie is the founder and CEO of Sun Island Group. He is an experienced and qualified international trade consultant, with a Masters degree in English literature and Professional training in the key aspects of International Trade. He had worked and lived in Japan, Hong Kong and USA. He is currently based both in India and Netherlands. With over 20 years of experience in International trade, he brings into the team a high level of expertise and insight. He is always willing to start new initiatives that lead to successful business ventures. In his spare time, he loves to be creative in photography and cooking Indian cuisines- a hobby impossible to resist!
Contact : herbbie@sunislandgroup.com
Mr. A.V. Nair
Vasu is a law graduate with a Masters degree in Commerce and Business Administration. An active member of All India Management Association, Indian Council of Arbitration, Insurance Institute of India and Fellow Member of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India. He has over 30 years experience in the field of Corporate Governance, Insurance and risk management, Government Coordination, accounts, finance, taxation and legal affairs. His key strengths include setting-up and handling projects from concept to commissioning by organizing resources: finance, Government liasons and permissions, manpower and marketing network etc. On a personal front he is a real go-getter, straight forward and a pious personality. He is a good cook and enjoys good food.
Contact : avnair@sunislandgroup.com
Dr. Savithri Rangarajan
With a PhD in Molecular biology (USA), and an MBA in Business creation in Food and Health (The Netherlands), Savi is actively supporting the Company since its inception. With a combination of sound scientific background in biotechnology and business development skills, she brings the team the strength to expand into new opportunities in the health industry. During her spare time, she enjoys oil painting and spending quality time with her two lovely daughters.
Contact : savi@sunislandgroup.com
Our Strategy
Instead of merely facilitating a tie-up between the buyer and vendor, SIG provides full partner service through a complete professional package. While buying merchandise from India or Europe our services performed on behalf of our cliental are designed to impart a feeling of virtually having their own satellite office and workforce at source. We have cultivated the following “buying strategies” to ensure that the sourced products confirm strictly to the specifications and our clients stay at a competitive edge:
  • Vendor identification and factory evaluation
  • Product Sourcing, designing and development
  • Merchandising and Coordination
  • Quality Assurance and awareness
  • Consolidation, shipping and Support
Vendor identification and factory evaluation
SIG has derived a genuine yet firm vendor evaluation process. Before finalizing a factory, we thoroughly evaluate each step of professional capability such as infrastructure, capacity, access to raw materials etc. As an ongoing process, we continually share our professional and specific experience to ensure an overall development and up-gradation of the factories, their processing norms and precise quality standards.
Product Sourcing, designing and development
Sourcing and buying at profitable pricing requires careful selection of the right factory. When supported through our extensive network of reliable and time tested manufacturing units and vendor base, the stipulated ideas always get shaped into desired results. It requires lot of perseverance, patience, effort and time to inculcate a good work culture into the un- organized, unspecified small scale manufacturing segment of most of the businesses. At SIG, we groom the culture to pursue “That extra effort” and achieve the exact target with diligence.
Merchandising and Coordination
Once entrusted with a job, it becomes our entire responsibility to effectively handle the process of order execution from concept to dispatch of shipment. All trade related aspects are closely monitored at various stages of tooling, sampling, approvals, follow-up, production, adherence to labeling, packaging instructions and timely delivery.
Quality Assurance and Awareness
In our quest to excel in our services, quality assurance has always remained an integral part of our work culture. In India, we have been almost like the pioneers of our industry to set up the quality assurance levels derived from the Japanese quality standards. The introduction of using cotton gloves while handling inspection and packing can be counted as some of the prime contributions by SIG to the otherwise un-hygienic work culture prevalent those days in the small/medium scale stainless steel utensils industry in India. Our well qualified quality assurance personnel inculcate good work ethics and thorough awareness at various levels of production.” A true value for money” is our paramount guarantee to our buyers.
Consolidation, shipping and support
SIG is well qualified in the art of consolidation of multiple-products from multiple-vendors. All pre- and post- shipment documents are checked to verify their conformity to buyers’ instructions and the timely dispatch of all the documents is ensured.
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