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Corporate social responsibility and ethical compliance
SIG is committed to a common minimum program. We are supporting factories and organizations with a mission to uplift the basic living standards of the down trodden segments of the society. Our vision is to educate and develop a strong community of vendors who follow healthy working conditions and labour practices. We promote vendors who are willing to work against the social menaces of forced labor; Child and women exploitation. We encourage promotion of production units that provide clean sanitation facilities and prescribed wage structure.
Commitment towards Consistency
With the application and usage of same set of moulds, tooling, materials and standards during repeat orders, a high level of consistency is guaranteed. With positive attitude and ethical approach, we have managed to strike a balance in cross cultural industrial relations. Absolutely genuine and true facts during each stage of development and production can save the last minute frustration, anxiety, anger and an eventual loss for all concerned. After all, good business should not result into loss.
Personal touch and Transparency
SIG is well appreciated as trendsetters in resolving problems through straight forward and open minded discussions. Fairness in dealings with utmost transparency, integrity, honesty and character are vital components for continuity and development of long lasting relationships. There is no hidden agenda; all is simple, easy and crystal clear. Both the buyers and suppliers are encouraged to visit each other at convenient and necessary intervals to understand and see everything on the spot so that the growth continues.
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