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India is spread over an area of 3.3 million square kilometers and there are eighteen official languages. To work successfully in such a culturally and religiously diversified yet incredible India, comprehensive knowledge of local work ethics and social behavior is utmost important. Team SIG in India possess an absolute knowledge of local traditions, social restrictions and moreover speak, deal and work in a localized manner to achieve the desired results.
MOQ and Consolidation related compulsions
The anxieties of buying container loads with diverse products at competitive price gets automatically eliminated when we are your sourcing partner. In fact, we had revolutionized the concept of buying from developing countries long ago by consolidating even up to over 75 different items in a single 20’ container. Further as our services started getting refined and more defined, we even touched another height by consolidating merchandise of multiple vendors together in dedicated containers. For hassle free dispatches and services, we are consolidating merchandise at all the major ports in west and south of India thus enabling our partners the power to source a diverse range of products from vendors spread over different parts of India.
For International Importers
Sourcing and buying outside own country can be intimidating and a risky affair. Humans are prone to error. In situations of catastrophe, it is imperative to find timely solutions ensuring that the business volumes do not suffer due to miscalculation, over confidence or wrong decisions. Through the extensive vendor network spread all over India we ensure adequate level of supplies even during peak season requirements.
For International Manufacturer
Any manufacturer who wish to stay competitive in today’s volatile market will surely need to outsource at least some share of their merchandise - fully finished items, components, spares, OEM parts as per their requirement and specifications. While considering this simple option for growth in profits and business volumes, it is important to join hands with a reliable, knowledgeable and sincere indigenous team who can offer you full service package for sourcing the right quality merchandise at the right price. With over fifty reliable and specialized suppliers and vendors in varied materials and processes, we can ensure exactly what you need. We are well experienced in handling various elements of manufacturing, outsourcing, planning, negotiating and operational support for casting, milling, stamping, molding and assembly or fabrication needs.
For Indian Manufacturers
At SIG we have no hidden charges, fees or any other agenda in lieu of business promotion of any Indian vendor. We are an integral part of the buyer’s team and our primary concern is to ensure the right quality at the right price. When any vendor has worked hard and sincerely, they deserve to get paid on time and this is ensured by SIG to all the manufacturers. We trust our vendors and go out that extra distance to educate them about the advantages of “using the power of truth even in the time of crisis”.
For Indian clients and importers
Our services for Indian clients and importers enable them to forge alliances and partnerships based upon our vast and multifaceted knowledge in the hospitality industry. We offer our expertise in arranging import supplies & project consultancy services from different parts of the world in the area of food festivals, specialty foods and beverages, creating ambience, architectural and interior designs for hotels, restaurants, resorts, health clubs, bars. We are effective partners for arranging comprehensive package to set up specialty theme restaurants.
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