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Sun Island Group is a global merchandising group professionally managed with expertise in sourcing, buying and quality assurance of Indian and European products. With abundant knowledge about India and Europe we are adept in representing importers, distributors and wholesalers buying wide range of hospitality industry related supplies and services from India and Europe.
Our major objective is to offer you complete merchandising and buying services for enhancing your business and profits without compromising on quality. We ensure that export-sourcing and production from India or Europe made viable, profitable and comfortable.
SIG believes in long term business relationships built on the core foundations of loyalty, trust, transparency, responsibility, reliability and perseverance. Our commitment to one partner per product arena always guarantees a multi-dimensional growth for everyone involved. While working on this core philosophy we have earned business relationships with buyers, suppliers and even occasional clients to stay with us for decades.
With an array of over six hundred products exclusively for the hotel-restaurant, Horeca, gastronomy and non-food supplies, today we are undisputedly recognized as the "Single-largest source and contact-point for Made in India items for hospitality industry”
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